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We are hoping to be even bigger and better this year. Are you a teacher or author who would like to help us judge these talented entries? Please contact Elizabeth Chappell.

8th Annual Creative Writing Competition
deadline Wednesday,
Dec 9, 2015, midnight.

Open to passionate writers in grades
4th —12th.

Open to CISD students and students outside CISD
CGA membership required only if student does not attend CISD schools.

Deadline: December 9, 2015.

click here for: Rules and FAQs
(includes link for Online Entry Form)

Each entry will be judged based on its artistic expression; however, technical merit will also be a factor. Finalists (evaluated by student grade and category) will be announced early February, 2016. The winning entries will be published in a book that will be available in the spring. Students need not be identified gifted to participate.


  • POEM

Esteemed judges:

  • Donna Albritton
  • Lamar Benfield
  • Megan Besozzi
  • Matt Bowden
  • Heather Cato
  • Gail Cotting
  • Nick Coenraad
  • Cristina Counts
  • Tamra Dollar
  • Kimberley Fleischer
  • Lynette Fortson
  • Meghan Fortson
  • Eileen Fox
  • Rebecca Garrett
  • Tracy Gipson
  • Tess Haranda
  • Joni Hill
  • Amy Hull
  • Brad Hunt
  • Jennifer Judd
  • Teri Keith
  • Traci Kernion
  • Sabrina Khan
  • Cassandra Knight
  • Tammy Mandel
  • Debra Marshall
  • Jennifer Martin
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Mel Mollick
  • Diane Moore
  • Marly Natherson
  • Kim Pope Kindred
  • Vijaya Pusuluri
  • Melanie Ringman
  • Laura Sanders
  • Laila Sanguras
  • Kimberley Schrader
  • Carol Smith
  • Kim Smith
  • Liz Tanner
  • Carson Thompson
  • Lisa Timmerman
  • Victoria Tong
  • Travis Washmon
  • Sarah Wise








This page was updated on August 31, 2015.

Professionally-bound books (books available to borrow at the CGA Lending Library)

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