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CGA Educator Scholarships Awarded

September 23, 2007

Greetings CGA members and friends. My name is Ray Ginnell and I am the scholarship committee chair. First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people involved with running and coordinating the efforts of the CGA. In particular, I believe we all owe a special word of thanks to Tracy Fisher, President of the CGA. She is a tireless volunteer and a wonderful advocate for all our children.

The other scholarship committee members are Lian Loop, Roda Farrell, Barbara Geller, Tracy Fisher and Todd  Kettler (non voting). We have had the  pleasure of evaluating the applications that our hard working educators sent us. After analyzing the applications, it becomes even more obvious that we are extremely fortunate to have  such a dedicated and intelligent faculty in the Coppell ISD. We are pleased to announce that the following fourteen educators are the worthy recipients of the CGA teacher scholarships to attend annual conferences for either the National Association for Gifted Children in Minneapolis or the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented in Houston:


  • Deana Harrell – Wilson
  • Kelly Jackson – Town Center
  • Julie Polnick – Town Center
  • Jennifer Martin – Town Center


  • Jana Scott – Town Center
  • Kathryn McMacken – Mockingbird
  • Stacie Nickols – Lakeside
  • Linda Mulkey – VR/Lee
  • Carol Ann Smith – Wilson
  • Alicia Montgomery – East
  • Kathryn Soles – North
  • Laila Sanguras – West
  • Dawn Moncrief – CHS
  • Jennifer Martin – CHS

It is our belief that by attending these conferences it will advance the awardees’ understanding of how best to educate gifted children with their special needs. In turn, they will return to our school district and impart the lessons they have learned to other members of our faculty and most  importantly, to our children.


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