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Destination ImagiNation Orientation Meeting

September 23, 2007

You’ve heard of spelling bees, quiz bowls, robotics competitions and science fairs. In fact, there is probably a special event for every subject taught at school. Well, Destination ImagiNation is none of those things – and all of those things!

Destination ImagiNation is a place where kids take what they know and what they are good at and learn to apply it to solve challenges, work together cooperatively with a team and push the limits of imagination to best not their competition, but themselves. Destination ImagiNation is a community-based, school-friendly program that builds participants’ creativity, problem solving, and teamwork in enjoyable and meaningful ways.

Teams of five to seven members work together to apply creativity, critical thinking and their particular talents to solve a Team Challenge.  The Destination ImagiNation Team Challenge is a Challenge that is solved over a period of eight weeks or more. There are five competitive Team Challenges from which teams may choose, each with its own educational focus. Each Team Challenge is designed to be open-ended and solvable in many ways and on many levels.

  • Challenge A: Technical/Mechanical
  • Challenge B: Theater Arts/Science
  • Challenge C: Theater Arts/Fine Arts
  • Challenge D: Theater Arts/ Improvisation
  • Challenge E: Structural & Architectural Design
  • There is also one noncompetitive Team Challenge, called the Rising Stars! Team Challenge, for preschool and early elementary children.

Last year five campuses in the CISD had DI teams: Lakeside, Cottonwood Creek, Town Center, Wilson, and CMSW.

Want to know more? A Destination ImagiNation meeting is scheduled for all campuses in Coppell at Town Center Elementary on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. The coregional director for DI will be presenting at the meeting and will be available to answer questions.

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