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Toys and Games for Gifted Kids — NAGC 2007

December 29, 2007

Interactive Games

AlphaBall by Learning Resources Ages 6 and up.  This electronic toy offers a choice of six scramble games (word mix, word scramble and wonder words, each in English and Spanish).

Contrario by FoxMind Ages 13 to Adult.  A “Contrario is a created expression drawn from different categories such as music, film, literature, geography and history.  Players are challenged to solve each “Contrario” through clues drawn from synonyms, antonyms, idioms and other word plays.

Hit or Miss by Gamewright Ages 10 to Adult.  The goal of this fast-paced category word game is to list lots of words that correspond to the category card and then determine either a “hit” word (one that everybody else would have picked) or a “miss” word (one that nobody else would have thought of) from the words listed.

Pretend & Play: World Traveler by Learning Resources Ages 3 and up.  Pretend that you’re in another country or another city.  Use airplane tickets to board the place, then use train and bus tickets to sightsee.  But don’t forget to bring binoculars, money, wallet, play camera and more to make each “journey” memorable.

Questionary by Spark Games LLC Ages 11 to adult.  The object of this game is to guess the word on the other team’s card.  The catch is that players can only ask yes or no questions that pertain to their word or phrase.

Such & Such by Patch Products Ages 10 to Adult.  Combines the art of carefully worded clues with cleverly paired phrases for a witty competition between players.

Toss Your Cookies by Gamewright Ages 8 to Adult.  The object of the game is to be the first player to collect five of a type of cookie plus the milk card, by passing, swapping and tossing cookie cards according to instructions on the dice.

Zing! by TLI Games All ages.  This is a sentence building, open-ended word game for 2 to 4 players.  Stories are created when individual word tiles are played on a gridded game board.

Board Games

Code Breaker by Cogno Ages 7 to Adult.  This game is a combination of Pictionary and memory games.

KEESDROW by Pywacket Games Ages 8 to Adult.  This is a word seeking game.  Mix up the letter tiles, place them randomly on the board, and then start searching for words.

Mix Up by Out of the Box Ages 8 to Adult.  Four-in-a-row using a combination of three different colors and three different shapes.

Newton’s Apples by BriarPatch Ages 7 and Up.  Players begin with all the green or red apples at the top of a slanted playing board.  By using crates in the eight different rows, the goal is to block the opponent’s apples from falling to the bottom row.

Spill Your Guts by Learning Resources Ages 7 and Up.  Here is a game that asks questions about the human body and its organ systems.  When you answer correctly, you earn an organ to place in the body tray.  But, when you answer incorrectly, you end up spilling the guts.

Traverse by Educational Insights Ages 7 and Up.  This game is a combination of chess and checkers.

Trhyme by L.M. Rdeux Innovations, Inc. Ages 12 and Up.  This is a rhyming game where you have to come up with three words that rhyme that fit the clues you are given.

Hands-On Games

Architecto by FoxMind Ages 7 and Up.  Reminiscent of Tangrams, but using 18 precision-cut geo blocks, players recreate the 2-D Architecto images into 3-D forms.

Equilibrio by FoxMind Ages 5 and Up.  This game uses the same blocks as Architecto, but the building blocks must be placed together to maintain balance.

LEGO Mosaics by LEGO Ages 4 and Up.  Create drawings in 3-D with an array of shades and colors of LEGO blocks.

Bendomino: Dominoes with a Twist by Blue Orange Ages 5 to Adult.  Not only do you have to match number to number on these twisted dominoes, but you have to make sure the dominoes physically fit together in the chain.

Rattled by Educational Insights Ages 8 to Adult.  A version of the classic game Boggle.

Ringgz by Blue Orange Ages 8 and Up.  The object of the game is to conquer territories while preventing acquisitions by opponents.  The game involves the use of colored, different diameter rings that can be stacked within each other as territories are marked.

Rush Hour Deluxe Edition by Think Fun Ages 8 and Up.  This updated version of the classic Rush Hour offers a new modern design with bright metallic cars.

ShakeDown by Patch Products Ages 7 to Adult.  This is a stack ’em game that requires great amounts of balance, concentration, and problem solving.

Miscellaneous Games

Aerobloks by Tinker Minds Inc. Ages 5 to Adult.  Aeroblocks are lightweight, see-through, durable, inflatable blocks that connect to each other to form any creation you want.

Aquadoodle: Go N’ Doodle by Spin Master Ages 24 months to 5 years.  An on-the-go doodling machine that requires only water.

BAFFLE by Flying Rabbit Enterprises, Inc. Ages 8 to Adult.  The goal is to place all 25 pieces on the game board so that every horizontal row, vertical column and corner-to-corner diagonal contains one piece of every shape and one piece of every color.

Dado Cubes by Fat Brain Toy Co. Ages 3 and Up.  Building block game that uses cubes with slits that allows you to interlock them to create 3-D structures.

Hugg-A-Planet by Peace Toys All Ages.  Soft plush pillow toys such as the Earth, Mars and the moon that allow you to learn as you get comfy.

iCoaster by MEGA Brands, Inc. Ages 6 and Up. Allows you to apply engineering, architectural and design dreams to construct roller coasters using magnetic pieces.

I Dig Prehistoric Shark by Action Products International, Inc. Ages 6 and Up.  With a steel hammer, chisel and plastic goggles, children carefully chip away at a sandy, gravely brick to uncover “ancient” artifacts from the sea.

Pet Vet 3D Wild Animal Hospital by Viva Media Ages 7 to 13.  Work as a veterinarian in a jungle to take care of wild animals.

Play Foam by Educational Insights Ages Pre-K and Up.  These colorful foam sculpting beads come in 6 bright colors that can be used to build and create.

The Learning Calendar by Fat Brain Toy Co. Ages 8 to Adult.  A 17-month calendar that shares historical events on the actual date that it occurred.

Magic School Bus Activity Kits by the Young Scientists Club Ages 5 and Up.  A variety of science kits that allow children to experiment, test hypotheses and explore their interests in science.

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