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Ask and ye shall receive more GT classes

February 5, 2008

New instructions for CHS course registration

Michelle King, the new Associate Principal at Coppell High School, indicated to us today that, if enough students request a GT section of a given class at CHS, she will do her best to try to get that section scheduled and staffed with a trained GT teacher. This is great news! Now our kids may be able to take GT social studies and upper level GT math and science classes!

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONSnot published anywhere else

If your high school student wants to take a GT version of a class, he must write “(GT)” next to the course name on the yellow course registration form he was given yesterday. These forms are due this Friday.   Examples:

  • AP Comparative Government (GT)
  • Pre-AP Precalculus (GT)
  • AP Human Geography (GT)

So…why do I care?
What are the benefits of GT classes?

You kids can be with their intellectual peers, in a course that challenges them to think and debate rather than inundating them with repetitious worksheets, with teachers who appreciate that gifted kids like to ask questions and challenge the accepted wisdom.

Please pass the word….we need to let other GT parents know, as this has not been publicized and we won’t get the classes unless enough kids request them.

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