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Winning Scholarship Applications

March 11, 2008

Tips from Brenda Smith, a Texas mom who paid for two kids’ college educations through scholarships…

  1. Best Kept Secrets for Winning ScholarshipsApply only if you are eligible.
  2. Complete the application in full. If a question does not apply, indicate that on the application.
  3. Follow directions.
  4. Neatness counts. Type everything that can be typed. Make a copy of all forms before you fill them out in case you need to start over.
  5. Write an essay that makes a strong impression. Be personal and specific. The simplest experience can be monumental if you present honestly how you were affected.
  6. Watch all deadlines. To keep yourself on track, set up your own deadline that is at least two weeks prior to the official deadline.
  7. Make sure your application gets where it needs to go. Put your name on all pages, in case a page gets lost.
  8. Keep a back-up file in case anything goes wrong.
  9. Give it a final “once-over”. Proofread the entire application carefully. Ask a friend, teacher or parent to proofread it.
  10. Ask for help if you need it. If you have problems with the application, do not hesitate to call the organization.

A list of local scholarships can be found on the CHS website under the Counseling tab.  A good source to search for national scholarships is FastWeb.

Good luck on your scholarship journey.

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