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TEA’s expectations for AP and Pre-AP

April 21, 2008

Here is information from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) regarding education of gifted/talented students.

Can Pre-AP be used to serve gifted students?

Yes, but remember that Pre-AP is designed to increase the pool of students who will be successful in AP classes at the 11th and 12th grades. It is, therefore, a curriculum that is used to strengthen the educational program of all students in middle and high school. Following this philosophy, it would be necessary for a district to differentiate Pre-AP the way any general curriculum would be modified for gifted students.

If districts serve high school gifted/talented students through Advanced Placement (AP) courses and students who are not identified gifted are in the class, must the AP teacher differentiate the curriculum for the gifted students?

Yes. Teachers that are using flexible grouping for instruction and product development, giving choices in assignments, and establishing a student centered classroom with lots of student-to-student interaction are providing differentiated instruction. One of the reasons for requiring AP teachers to have professional development in nature and needs of gifted/talented students and assessing student needs is so they will be able to recognize a need for differentiation and provide it as needed. Teachers will want to add depth and complexity appropriate for gifted/ talented students and differentiate for those who need it.

How should teachers document differentiation of curriculum for gifted/talented students?

There are a variety of ways that teachers can document differentiation. It may be done in the lesson plans where the teacher would indicate instruction and/or assignments that differ for gifted students. Differentiation may be included in curriculum guides or documents. Classroom schedules may also indicate flexible grouping with differentiated instruction. Copies of assignments or handouts given to students that indicate students have options in reading assignments, projects, etc. may also be used.

Source: FAQ Regarding the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students

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