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College Fairs vs. Road Shows

September 1, 2008

This year, instead of hosting a college fair, CHS counselors are recommending that students drive up to the UNT Coliseum on September 23rd to attend the 2008 NorTex College Fair.The advantage of this approach is that a regional fair should attract more colleges than just the local ones that come to Coppell.

The college fair format is good for picking up brochures, asking a question or two, and identifying colleges that you want to investigate more.

Once your sophomore or junior decides he might be interested in a particular school, you can get more of the flavor of that college and decide whether it is worth a (costly) visit by attending a “road show” information session. Some colleges that will be visiting North Texas are:

  • Dartmouth College 9/11/08
  • George Washington 9/15 – 9/23/08
  • CalTech 9/18/08
  • Fordham 9/20/08
  • Johns Hopkins University 9/21/08
  • Boston University 9/22/08
  • Washington University 9/27 – 9/28/08
  • Duke University 10/1/08
  • MIT 10/19/08

Most admissions road shows occur in September, so check your student’s preferred colleges’ websites now to see if they are coming to town.

Once you have a short list of colleges to visit, read USA Today’s article on 10 ways to control the cost of college visits.

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