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AP Exams with High Pass Rates

January 9, 2009

The Advanced Placement tests with the highest scores generally fall into two categories: foreign languages and math/science.

  1. Students who have been exposed to a foreign language at home or by spending extensive time overseas should consider taking the AP exam in that language. The percentage of such students earning a top score of 4 or 5 on the AP exam are 94% in Chinese, 56% in Japanese, and 50% in Spanish. Students do not have to take a class in the language before sitting for the AP exam.
  2. The other courses in the top ten are Calculus (61% earn a 4 or 5), Computer Science AB (58%), Physics C (58% for E&M and 53% for Mechanics), French Literature (48%), and Psychology (47%).

To earn college credit, most selective colleges require scores of 4 or 5, not just a passing grade of 3, on Advanced Placement exams. Caveat: CHS students‟ results may vary from national norms.

The complete list of AP grade distributions can be found on the College Board website.

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