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CGA Sends Counselors to GT Training

January 9, 2009

This spring 12 CISD counselors will attend a full day training session at SMU’s Gifted Students Institute, thanks to scholarships funded by CGA. Ten counselors will attend “Understanding and Meeting the Social & Emotional Needs of the Gifted in School” on January 13th:

  • CHS – Alice Sandel
  • NTH@C – Gretchen Pace
  • CMSE – Pam Dempsey & Eddie Beal
  • CMSN – Andrea Armstrong
  • CMSW – Joella Chew
  • Austin – Gail Richardson
  • Mockingbird – Sarah Blalock
  • Town Center – Sharon Danchak
  • Wilson – Lisa McKiernan
  • Denton Creek – Barbara Larsen

Two CHS counselors, Debbie Fruithandler and Lindsey Browning, will attend “Counseling with the Highly Gifted” on April 16.

Because counselors deal with curriculum choices, college planning, and behavioral issues that may be different for gifted kids, CGA believes it is important to support counselors’ efforts to learn more about giftedness. We also want to thank the donors and MOSAIC attendees who underwrote these scholarships.

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