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Middle School Curriculum Considerations

January 9, 2009

Besides school counselors, also talk to other GT parents when considering courses for your Middle School student.

A quick way to determine the best core courses for any GT student is to ask: “In which areas is my child gifted?”  Seldom are students academically gifted in ALL core courses. You’ll save a lot of tears by setting your child up for success.

GT courses move quickly which is exactly what students who are gifted in those subjects NEED and then there is time for advanced problem solving enrichment. Pre-AP courses move at the fast pace but tend to have more repetition and more homework without the enrichment. Regular classes move at a regular rate-on par with TAKS.


What Math should my child take?

A student who starts with GT or Pre-AP Math in 6th grade will be able to take Algebra I in 8th grade, which puts him on track to finish Calculus in high school. Calculus is a requirement for many college majors.

It is important to get at least get on the Pre-AP math track right away in 6th grade, as it is virtually impossible to get on that path later.

Some GT students even test out of 6th or 7th grade math and thereby get on track to take Geometry in middle school.

For more information, review the Advanced Academics PowerPoint presentation at CMSN’s website,

Keep Your Options Open

Middle school students who want to keep the option of an International Baccalaureate Diploma open should take Spanish, Algebra I, and a tech credit while in middle school and aim to complete 3 science credits by the end of their sophomore year.

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