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Prioritized Reading List for AP English Lit

January 9, 2009

Although more students take the AP English Literature test nationally than any other AP test except US History – or maybe because of that fact – it has one of the lowest percentages of students who earn a top score of 4 or 5, at just 27%.

How can you help ensure your child does well on this test?  By consistently providing a diet of classic literature for out-of-school reading, starting in middle school.

Which books should you encourage your child to read?  Well, luckily, there’s a list of the books that are most often included on the AP English Lit free response questions at  Scroll down through the list and you’ll find the number of times each book has appeared on the test in the past 37 years.  Voila!  A prioritized reading list.

You might be surprised which books appear on the top of the list and which are on the bottom.

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