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A Win for Evolutionary Biology in Texas

January 24, 2009

AUSTIN (Texas) – State Board of Education members tentatively approved new science curriculum standards Friday that scrap a longtime requirement that students be taught the “weaknesses” in the theory of evolution.

Dallas Morning News, 1/24/09

Would it be inappropriate for me to say “Thank God” or “Hallelujah”?

Finally, the Texas Board of Education got it right.

I had noticed recently that some colleges are not giving credit for Advanced Placement Biology. It made me wonder: have colleges realized that Texas has been teaching creationism and deemphasizing evolution, and, knowing that such an approach fails to give students the necessary understanding of evolutionary biology – which is the foundation of all biology – decided that they had to make sure everyone took Freshman Biology?

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  1. Shoestring Design Online permalink
    January 27, 2009 1:42 pm

    The New York Times' perspective:

    We were heartened when the board beat back, by a very narrow margin, efforts to reintroduce the language on “weaknesses.” But the conservative bloc immediately recouped by pushing through amendments that require students to assess the arguments “for and against” common ancestry, a core element of evolution theory, and its “sufficiency or insufficiency” to explain the fossil record. How that differs from the old language of “strengths and weaknesses” is not readily apparent.

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