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Calling all Mathletes!

February 11, 2009

If your high school (or perhaps middle school) child excels at math but did not get signed up for the AMC10A or AMC12A test, which took place yesterday, he or she may still be able to sign up for the second sitting on February 25.  If your school is not proctoring the test, contact Dr. Titu Andreescu ( to sign up to take the test at UTDallas.

Why would a student voluntarily take another math test?

  • To see how he or she compares to other math students across the nation.
  • For bragging rights on college applications.  “Elite universities that routinely reject students with 800 SAT scores require and respect AMC test scores”, says Dr. Andreescu.  MIT and CalTech have a place on their applications for AMC/AIME scores.
  • To try to earn a place on the USA’s International Math Olympiad team.

Here is a brief synopsis of the various AMC tests and the path to International Math Olympiad.  Complete information about AMC is on the AMC website.

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