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Advice for Young Authors

May 5, 2009

Our judges from the MOSAIC Creative Writing Competition had the opportunity to address the young authors in April 2009. After spending hours culling through the many entries to evaluate the winners and honorable mentions, the following judges took a moment to give advice to the many writers in attendance.

Matt Bowden, teacher at CHS and editor of the CLAM (Coppell Literary Arts Magazine), reminded all of us that the pen is mightier than the sword. He encouraged writers everywhere to use their talent to speak out about the issues that affect them — to use their voice in a world that is filled with uncertainty and hostility.

Kimberly Smith, author of Sydney Wakefield: Into the Faraway, said that she keeps a copy of the 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer, by Brian Clark, on her desk for inspiration:

1. Write.
2. Write more.
3. Write even more.
4. Write even more than that.
5. Write when you don’t want to.
6. Write when you do.
7. Write when you have something to say.
8. Write when you don’t
9. Write every day.
10. Keep writing.

Start focusing your creative energy. The deadline for submission for the 2009-2010 MOSAIC Creative Writing Competition will be December 2, 2009. Keep watching the website for more information.

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