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Gifted Matters – Spring ’09 Edition

May 5, 2009


Dear Readers,

We are excited to bring the spring edition of Gifted Matters to you via our new site!  We hope you are enjoying the new website as much as we are.  In this edition, enjoy reading about multi-tasking, affluence, and misdiagnosis.  We’ll share exciting news about MOSAIC and offer advice for young authors.  In the political world, there’s an article on NCLB and an update on legislation.    Just click on links below to read the articles.

* Navigating the New Website

* Facebook – Be our Friend!

*Welcome 2009-2010 Board Officers

* CGA Needs You – Volunteer

* Thank You to Our Donors

* New MOSAIC Opportunities for Parents

* Gifted Education Legislation Update

* NCLB’s Unintended Consequences

* Misdiagnosis & Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Kids

* But, My Kid is a Multi-Tasker  by Todd Kettler

* Does Affluence Have Its Price? by Todd Kettler

* Advice for Young Authors

Finally, we want to let you know that most of our previous newsletter articles are posted on the site. So, go search for that article you were looking for.  Particularly of interest this time of year are the great resources for summer camps that were featured in the last newsletter.

Gifted Matters is released to CGA members 2 weeks prior to non-members.  Members can enter their password – distributed to them by email – to access the articles in this newsletter.  If you are not currently a CGA member but wish to join, click on here.  If you join, we’ll give you the password to the protected content on the website and we’ll send you an email when the next newsletter is published.

Happy Reading,



Lian Loop & Julie Madigan

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