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New: MOSAIC Opportunities for Parents!

May 5, 2009

CHESS – Don’t miss this opportunity!

Chess improves problem-solving skills.  Chess grows dendrites (even in adults).  Over 30 countries include chess in their educational curriculum.  CGA brings exceptional chess instruction to Coppell students.  And now, for the first time, CGA will offer MOSAIC and/or CGA member parents the opportunity to learn chess along with their child(ren).  While there is space, parents may join in a chess class this summer with the registration of their student(s) at the rate of $65/week (member) and $85/week (non-member).  Contact us for details!

CALLIGRAPHY – Entering 3rd graders with a parent!

Calligraphy is art.  Art crosses all age boundaries and can become a common “language” or activity between a parent and a child.  CGA will once again open its calligraphy course to interested members and/or MOSAIC parents with the registration of their child(ren).  This includes entering 3rd grade students (who must be accompanied by a parent).  3rd grader/member parent combo price – $140; non-member combo – $170. Please email us to register!

For information about these and all MOSAIC courses offered this summer see Course Listing, Instructor bios, and Class Schedule to make your selections. Space is limited, so register early!

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