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College Planning for Gifted Kids

May 6, 2009

To those of you that missed the informative presentation on May 5, 09, we have a PODCAST for our members (contact Tracy Crawford if you are having difficulties with your password).  Here are some of the books that were mentioned as providing valuable information in the college process. Also, looking for a college fair in the metroplex? 8/16 – Colleges That Change Lives college fair, 3 pm @ Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre

1. Competitions for Talented Kids to help each student find their passion and be able to highlight how they stack up against other students.  Start using this book in middle school.  It contains information about programs in just about every interest area imaginable – spelling, geography, math, physics, history, chemistry, biology…even epidemiology.  But be aware – many of these programs are not promoted by or sponsored by our local schools, so you have to take the initiative to enroll your child and may need to collaborate with other parents to establish a team.  (You might want to talk to your CGA campus rep to find out if other parents have expressed interest.)

2. The College Hook helps students “package” and sell their interests and abilities to college admissions personnel. The students profiled in this book are over-the-top achievers, but you and your student don’t need to read all the examples.  Just pick a chapter or two that profiles a student with similar interests to your child, and you’ll get the idea.

Available from the Coppell Public Library.

3. Colleges that Change Lives.  A guide with lively descriptions of 40 great, but less well known, liberal arts colleges.  Barbara used this book as a planning guide for family vacations.  She had her kids read the descriptions and highlight the colleges they found interesting.It’s organized by geographic region, so if you’re targeting a certain part of the country, you can hone in on those schools.  Barbara recommends that your buy your own copy (just click on the link or photo) so you can dogear, highlight, and refer back to it throughout the college search process.

4. Cool Colleges for the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different profiles unique and innovative schools in a variety of categories like engineering schools, women’s colleges, flying / sailing schools, tuition-free schools, totally free schools, eco-schools, great books programs, minority-focused colleges, men’s colleges, and schools that nurture entrepreneurs.



If these books simply whet your appetite for more, Barbara has a longer list on her blog, The College Counselor for Gifted Kids

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  1. May 20, 2009 1:03 am

    Thanks for the recommendations!

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