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Live Chess Game Participants Sought

July 2, 2009

chessistockMOSAIC Chess has a new twist this August!  Just like on Harry Potter, students in MOSAIC’s Chess class will participate for the first time in a LIVE chess game – where the students become the pieces!  A great week is planned from either 9a – 10:30a or 10:30a – noon at North Middle School in Coppell Aug 3rd – 7th.  

The week will be filled with regular chess games and “bughouse,” chess notation, and solving famous chess problems.  Dr. Alexey Root, 1989 US Women’s Chess Champion presents chess in unique ways blended with exceptional instruction in chess basics.  She has the ability to work with students at all levels within the same class – from the novice to the advanced. 

Chess improves problem-solving skills. Over 30 countries include chess in their educational curriculum. Students return every summer for Chess.  This year we’ve added class space to accommodate the overwhelming interest.  If you were going to encourage your child to learn something new – this would be “that something.”  We have about ten spots left and this info will be published to the general public next week. 

MOSAIC courses are open to any students entering grades 4th – 8th – Fall of 2009, not just gifted students.  Your cousins, neighbors and friends are welcome to attend too.  Classes are offered Aug 3rd – 8th from 9:00a – noon, daily, at Coppell Middle School North.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from MOSAIC are used to provide training in gifted education for educators in Coppell.   

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  1. cgaregister permalink
    July 9, 2009 4:29 pm

    Can’t wait to see the “live” game!

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