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Improve Handwriting: MOSAIC Calligraphy

July 21, 2009

Many gifted children have difficulty with handwriting because their brains process information faster than their hands.  They are writing quickly in an effort to get all their thoughts down on paper as quickly as possible — sometimes with illegible results.  Help them slow down and pay more attention to the process by teaching them handwriting as an art form.

In Visual-Spatial Learners, Alexandra Shires Golon recommends calligraphy as a way to develop handwriting skills for gifted kids: “When they see the art in writing by hand, it may become a joy to create rather than a chore.  The ability to write beautiful flowing text will increase your students’ confidence and legibility.”

Interested in Calligraphy for your child?  MOSAIC August summer session offers calligraphy classes for entering 3rd grade students through 8th grade.  Parents can also join in the fun.  Email Tracy Fisher for more information.

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