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Destination Imagination 2009-2010 Challenges

August 2, 2009

Looking for some hands-on enrichment? Consider Destination Imagination — a program for K-12 graders that involves using creativity and innovation to solve problems and present new ideas. All participants in DI are successful in that the solutions they devise are entirely their own. This is an extraordinary program that allows children at such a young age to truly “own” their own creation. It is amazing what these kids create as they challenge themselves in this opportunity to explore, discover, and develop their creative potential through teamwork, cooperation, and mutual respect.
Check out the challenges for 2009-2010 listed below. Interested in finding out more? Contact Carol Smith, CISD DI Coordinator and attend the DI Discovery Carnival on September 19.

  • Challenge A: DIrect DIposit: You can deliver a pizza. You can deliver the news. You can be delivered from the brink of disaster. But can you deliver objects to targets you cannot see? Each object is like money – if you keep the money in your pocket you have some cash, but to become rich you need to decide how to invest it! Your team will have to consider which choices will earn the most rewards as you try to hit your targets. Whatever you decide, you’ll have to work quickly, because the clock is ticking!
  • Challenge B: DI®-Bot: Robots – doing our chores and serving our every need! What could be better? Robotic Technology has changed our lives and made our dreams a reality. Gaming systems, cell phones, cars and factories all use Robotic Technology. What will Robotic Technology accomplish next? How will our lives change because of it? You get to decide and use your knowledge of Robotic Technology to show us what may happen!
  • Challenge C: You’re Gonna Flip! Bah Humbug! A man who lives only for money discovers how to love people. That’s Ebenezer Scrooge. A young Kansas girl feels so unloved at home that she wants to run away. Over the rainbow, she learns to appreciate the love she has in her own backyard. That’s Dorothy’s story. Our understanding of the world can FLIP from one view to another. Theater, books and art are full of such turnabouts. Now your team gets to create your own story with a Flip! And what’s better than a team-created puppet and a piece of Live Visual Art to help tell your story. You’re gonna flip over this Challenge!
  • Challenge D: Do or DI®: Going… Going… Gone? A Threatened Thing is in danger of extinction, and YOU are its only hope for survival! With a Stock Character and a very Unimpressive Superpower, can you save land line telephones, the Polar Bear, or even the Great Barrier Reef? But wait…do all threatened things need to be saved or is it better if some go the way of the dinosaur? You decide to Do or DI!
  • Challenge E: Breaking DI News: What’s black and white and read all over? A newspaper, of course! When we think of newspapers we think of stories and pictures from around the world. People have been reading newspapers every day for more than 400 years, but newspapers can do more than tell stories. When you’re finished reading a newspaper, it can be transformed into home insulation, animal bedding or even pencils! In this Challenge your team will demonstrate some of the many uses of newspaper. You will reduce your props, reuse a story and recycle a newspaper all to prove that you CAN do more with less!
  • (for K-2nd grade)Rising Stars!® Weighty News News here, news there…news, news everywhere! A Structure has been discovered. It is made of newspaper and tape. What could it be? What does it look like? How strong is it? Why is it here? How can it be used? So many questions! Maybe if we see a newscast about it, the reporters will have some answers. Let’s watch and see what’s new in the news!
  • projectOUTREACH® Now is the time to use what you’ve learned in DI to make a real difference in the world. You’ve gained so many skills in DI. Teamwork, planning, scheduling, risk assessment, budgeting, performance, problem solving! Grab this chance to use all the skills you’ve learned to actively help your community. Become the leaders of a better world!
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