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Elementary GT Curriculum Nights

September 4, 2009

Want to be “in the know?”  Attend you child’s GT Curriculum night.  This is a great time to learn more about what is in store for your child’s school year.  Below we’ve shared the dates that we have.  As we receive dates from the other elementary schools, we’ll update.

Town Center                        8/27       6:00p 

Mockingbird                       9/22       6:30p     Library

Denton Creek                     9/24       6:00p     Library

Valley Ranch                      9/24       6:00p     Cafeteria

Wilson                                  9/24       6:00p     Library

Lakeside                              9/24       6:00p     Cafeteria

Cottonwood Creek             9/24       6:30p     Library

Pinkerton                            9/29       6:00p     Library

Austin                                 9/29        6:00p     Library     

And, as always, we’d love to hear back from you.  Comment on this post with thoughts and ideas from your curriculum night. Brag on the neat things your school is doing or post questions for other parents to answer. 


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