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CGA Awards $8500 in Scholarships to CISD Educators

September 10, 2009

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented and The National Association for Gifted Children both put on annual conferences focused on educating teachers and parents about the latest in gifted education.  “The GT curriculum in Coppell ISD has been enriched by teachers who have gained new techniques from conferences….I am lucky to have a curriculum designed with gifted students in mind, but there are always ways to enhance what I already use with my students,”  says Alicia Montgomery, GT Language Arts and Integrated Research teacher at CMSE.

This is why CGA considers it an honor to be able to provide scholarship to CISD educators.  We are excited to announce our scholarship recipients that will be attending these conferences.

  • Dr. Jeff Turner, Superintendent of CISD Schools
  • Brenda Caproni of Coppell Middle School West
  • Susan Creighton of Coppell High School
  • Jean Guidry of Austin Elementary
  • Thom Hulme of CISD School Board
  • Todd Kettler of CISD Administration
  • Kari Lockwood of Austin Elementary
  • Melissa Mahan of CISD Administration
  • Tracey McGlothlin Kling of Pinkerton Elementary
  • Alicia Montgomery of Coppell Middle School East
  • Stacie Nickols of Lakeside Elementary
  • Gina Peddy of CHS Administration
  • Marie Riley of Coppell Middle School North
  • Melanie Ringman of Coppell Middle School North
  • Laila Sanguras of Coppell Middle School West
  • Jana Scott of Town Center Elementary
  • April Tate of Valley Ranch Elementary
  • Kim Wootton of New Tech High @ Coppell

Jean Guidry, 3rd grade teacher at Austin Elementary states that, “The convention [NAGC] brings together the leading researchers and presenters in the field of GT education.  The greatest result of the transfer of new knowledge is that all of my students will benefit from the innovating ideas that I bring from the conference.”

It’s teachers like this that make awarding these scholarships such a great experience.  Please help us in congratulating them on receiving the scholarship and encouraging them as they take time away to help all of our children learn.

The recipients will be sharing their experiences at the conferences through CGA’s blog.  So, watch for those highlights during November and December.


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