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Aimmee Hyndman to aspiring authors: enter the Creative Writing Competition

September 15, 2009

My name is Aimee Hyndman, and I entered the 2008 CGA Creative Writing Contest because it was a chance to have my work read and evaluated by those who love writing as much as I do. It was also a chance to reach my personal goal to be published. I was thrilled to find that a special story I had written in my 7th grade language arts class and then revised for the competition received first place in the 8-9th grade fiction division. As the first place winner in my division, I not only had my story published along with other winners in various categories, I also got to read aloud an excerpt of “Broken Wing” to judges, parents, teachers and peers. I also got to hear the talents and passions of other first place winners in the same and other categories as my own and to read still more whose writings were included in the special book. But seeing all three of my middle school language arts teachers there to support my accomplishment was a special treat and the highlight of the night! I encourage anyone who likes to write to enter this competition. Because any time we get to write, we get to use our gift and share our passion with others. So get writing and good luck!

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