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Subject matter acceleration for GT kids

October 1, 2009

Have you considered acceleration to meet the academic needs of your child? Sometimes, we look into grade skipping as a way to meet the needs of our gifted kids — but that can negatively impact the child who is not gifted across the board or who has different social needs. After all, most gifted kids have areas of asynchronous development: where their developmental milestones do not emerge at the same rate. A child may be very advanced in math, average in reading, a poor speller, and have the emotional age several years younger than their age. These different development needs might make grade skipping a poor solution.

What about subject matter acceleration? Although it might create logistical difficulties, an ability appropriate class might help them get the challenge they need. CISD does have subject matter acceleration at the middle school and high school levels; but this can be more difficult at the elementary level because of logistical concerns. Can teachers differentiate to all the kids in their class — even those that fall outside the standard 3 tiered system (advanced/average/struggling) because they are even more advanced than the other “advanced” kids?

Looking for more information about the benefits of subject matter acceleration? Click here for a blog posting by the author of Intelligent Life in the Classroom: Smart Kids and Their Teachers.

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