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Wall Street Journal: Online high schools test students’ social skills

October 2, 2009

Online learning is growing in popularity across the the United States and world.  And while this option provides students with opportunities that may not be available to them at their local school or in their area, is there a price for taking advantage of online learning?  A Wall Street Journal article printed on Sept. 24 explores the social implications of this phenomenon. 

Will students of online learning be better equipped to work in the growing digital world because they will be more “adaptable thinkers”? 

Or will online learning hinder their social skills because they have had limited in person social interactions? 

Or perhaps these students will have a more global perspective because they have friends all over the world who attend online school with them? 

What does all of this mean for gifted and talented students?

Click here to read the entire article.  How would your child handle online schooling?  Has your child already participated in such a program?  If so, what was his or her experience like in the program?

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