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CFB ISD Presents “How to Play the College Admission Game” by Catherine Marrs

December 29, 2009

January 21st
7:00p – 8:30p
Technology Learning Center at
2427 Carrick Street in Farmers Branch

For thousands of students, this is not a game. It’s what they’ve been working toward for about 13 years! (or at least their families have). There are so many questions:

What schools are right for me?

How do I know?

How do I get in?

How can we afford it?

Is it worth it????

Discover the top 10 experiences colleges want students to have when they are ready to apply for admission to the college of their choice, and much more!

As a Certified Educational Planner, specializing in college admissions advising, Catherine has helped place hundreds of students in colleges of their choice.She is one of a handful of college admissions advisors in the Dallas area who has pursued the rigorous certification process of the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners (CEP).

Catherine earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona, a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Texas Woman’s University and a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA.  She has also completed the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions, the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) Principles and Practice Training and earned her Certificate in Educational Planning in 2007.

This program is open to all and will be ideal for students in grades 7-12 and their families.

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