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’09 TAGT: Parent Perspective “Think Big”

December 30, 2009

Comments provided by Amanda O’Neal

Highlights from Dr. Jan Davidson of The Davidson Institute – Think Big

Hundreds of thousands of gifted students are not appropriately challenged. Regardless of ability students need to be nurtured.

What do all highly successful students have in common? One or more highly engaged teacher who inspired and encouraged them. All highly motivated learners demonstrated perseverance. They are proactive in seeking out expert adults to learn from.

Don’t set limits based on age. This hinders potential contributions to humanity. Several Davidson Institute students have enjoyed large accomplishments that affect our country (medicine, military) at 16, 17, and 18.

Must embrace flexibility to allow highly motivated learners to soar where they are strong and support where they need help.

Think big about the possibilities at our schools. Match the curriculum to positively change our nation. All of us must begin to think in different terms. When the curriculum is appropriate for the child, discipline issues decrease, learning increases, and confidence improves.

Change starts as a whisper and turns into a roar. Starts with one person, one school, one district. Texans think big and can make those changes.

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