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KidProv Party for GT Elementary Kids and Parents

December 31, 2009

Who says learning is boring?! Your kids will have a blast learning and exploring with KIDPROV.

KIDPROV is the improvisational comedy troupe that blends the art of improvisation with the process of education to create an environment where students can maximize their learning. The program promotes and develops CONFIDENCE, COMMITMENT, COGNITION, CRITICAL THINKING, CREATIVE THINKING, COMMUNITY, COMMUNICATION, COMFORT, and COMEDY.

Did you know by the time a student reaches junior high he may have lost more than 75% of his creativity and with that the ability to creatively solve problems. Why? Well… if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Kids will be busting down doors and eating their broccoli to come to this event! Parents will go insane with jealously wishing they were a child again!

This event comes to you Wed, March 10, 6pm at CHS.

More details coming soon. Stay tuned and stay connected!

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