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17 Students at North Scored Perfectly on Math Olympiad!!

January 8, 2010

8th Grade Math Olympiad Teams at Coppell Middle School North have completed two of the five contests with the following results:

The second of five Math Olympiad contests was held in December for the 8th grade APS classes along with 5949 other middle school students.  This time, 17 students made a perfect score!  They were:  Michael Scalley, Hunter Hagan, Henrikka Niemi, Travis Chin, Sandy Iyer, Lexie Leake, Neal Tatum, Ben Fisher, Mikki Hoffman, Trent Armstrong, Paige Solano, Alisha Punjwani, Kenny Kim, Gaby Rivera, Jonathan Lu, Centura Anbarsu, and Cejay Zhu. 

That means that North had 22% of the students receive a perfect score compared with 6% of all students taking the test!  Congratulations!

The next contest is in January.  Wish them luck!

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