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’09 TAGT: Educator Perspective by Melanie Ringman

February 24, 2010

Overall my second trip to TAGT was an awesome experience. I saw many great educators demonstrate their love for learning through their presentations. It was also the first time I presented at such a distinguished conference.

The most engaging session that I attended was the “Reaching the Gifted Student” led by Pamela Simmons – Brooks from Lovejoy ISD. With my district’s 21st century focus, it was wonderful to receive ideas on technology programs that she has used in the classroom. She presented many non traditional methods of learning, such as blogging in the classroom, video shorts,wixs, and wikis. Even though I already use technology, I learned several ways to bring more into my classroom. Since returning from the conference, my students have created their own websites through wixs reflecting on career choices and planning for their future as they head off to high school. This assignment was very enlightening to my students.

I also had the opportunity to present for the first time at this conference. It was a very frightening experience but I am glad that I presented and believe I have grown as an educator. Marie Riley and I presented on Technology and the Gifted. We presented different ways to use technology in the classroom to engage our students. We were able to showcase our students talents and growth through the use of technology.

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