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Organization and Time Management Skills you can use now.

March 31, 2010

Did you miss the event on March 31, 2010 with Carla Crutsinger of Brainworks? If so, you missed out on amazing advice about teaching your kids real life skills that will help them organize their time (I picked up some tips that I can benefit from as well).

Here is a copy of her Brainworks handout.

A link to her book detailing these skills (it says ADD on the title… Mrs. Crutsinger says that sometimes there is a fine line between gifted and ADD — gifted kids think they are too smart to write things down, and ADD kids are too distracted to write things down).

Also, check out her summer classes. If you decide to register, than CGA receives a donation to our general fund.

Also, you can get a discount during the month of April 2010 for her assessments with this Brainworks coupon.

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