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MOSAIC Chess and Calligraphy Offered to Rising 3rd Graders with Parent

April 9, 2010

MOSAIC is designed for the entering 4th-8th grader.  However, we have found that Chess and Calligraphy are courses that parents often greatly enjoy as do entering 3rd graders. 

Therefore, we are again offering Calligraphy and Chess to students entering the 3rd grade in the fall as long as a parent attends with them.  Parents will be full participants in the classes.  This is a great way to learn to play chess with your child and/or gain confidence to start/support a chess club at your child’s campus.  There is no better way to develop problem-solving abilities in your child!  Chess is under-rated. 

Additionally, Calligraphy can be very relaxing, if you like art. It can also encourage appreciation for nice handwriting and improve fine motor skills.  It is also really fun and creative.

Parents are welcome to register to take either course while their 4th-8th grade children attend other MOSAIC courses. 

Parents are required to participate and demonstrate good sportsmanship when they hear “checkmate” coming from the child they were matched with.

Rates for CGA members:  $130 for one course, $205 for two courses scheduled for the same child/parent in one week (covers adult and child)
Rates for non-CGA members:  $150 per course for one course, $240 for two course scheduled for the same child/parent in one week (covers adult and child)
MOSAIC courses are open to all students, they do not need to be part of the GT program to participate.
Courses are offered both June 7-11 and August 2-6 at 9 a.m. and at 10:30 a.m.  Courses will be held at Coppell Middle School East.
For more information on course descriptions and how to register, click here.

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