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Welcome CGA’s 2010-11 Board Members and Campus Reps

April 9, 2010

2010 – 11 Elected Board Officers

  • President and Communications Chair – Elizabeth Chappell
  • 1st Vice President and Programs (Speaker Series) – Michelle Bauer
  • 1st Vice President and Programs (Student Enrichment) – Elisa Roby
  • Treasurer – Susan Coleman
  • Secretary – Donna Chavarro-Rogers
  • Membership – Tracy Crawford
  • Past President – Lian Loop

2010 – 11 Appointed Board Officers

  • 2nd Vice President and Fundraising Chair – Karen Cook
  • Newsletter – Amanda O’Neal
  • Publicity/Historian – Melanie Watts
  • Webmaster – Adrian Bird
  • Legislative – Thom Hulme
  • 2009-10 MOSAIC Committee Chair – Karen Cook
  • Scholarship Committee Chair – Stacy Price
  • Outreach – Tracy Fisher

2010 – 11 Campus Representatives

  • Coppell High School: Alpana Dubey & Joan Bush
  • New Tech High@Coppell: OPEN
  • Coppell Middle School East: Jenny Quonoey
  • Coppell Middle School North: Jeff Jordan
  • Coppell Middle School West: Amy Foley
  • Austin Elementary: Patty Powell
  • Cottonwood Creek Elementary: Lori Chow
  • Denton Creek Elementary: Sapna Gupta
  • Lakeside Elementary: Marla Williams
  • Mockingbird Elementary: Kelley Parlier & Kendra Rosenbaum
  • Pinkerton Elementary: Kyoung Lawton
  • Town Center Elementary: DeAnn & Tom Bartlett
  • Valley Ranch Elementary: Aanchal Prakash
  • Wilson Elementary: Johanna Hewlett

If you are interested in representing New Tech High as a campus representative, please contact Lian Loop.  To serve in these roles, you must have a child in the GT program at these campuses.  The campus reps are members of the Communications Committee which meets on the first Thursday mornings of the month.  To learn more about what the campus reps do, click here.

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