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Creative Writing Party Pics

April 13, 2010

Thanks so much for everyone who attended the Creative Writing Competition Party! We had many of the published young authors in attendance. If anyone is interested in purchasing the book, you may order it directly from the publisher by clicking here or the picture below. I just received a coupon code for FREE SHIPPING through 5/1/10… enter “FREEMAIL305” on checkout.

Many people wondered how the first place winners and honorable mentions were selected. We recruited 10 highly qualified judges to review every entry submitted — each entry was read by 3 judges who ranked them based on artistic expression and technical merit. The entries with the top rankings were selected for the book. The entries were so good overall, that we ended up with several honorable mentions in each category. The judges also contacted me about 2 entries that stood out and asked that these authors receive additional commendation: Kelly Hall (for The Field) and Sloane Parker (for I’m a What?!)

You can see the other honorable mentions (and the more than 150 additional participants) by clicking here.

Also, we heard brief excerpts of the stories of the 1st Place recipients:

  • Kelly Wei: Nine Planet Sister Club
  • Carsyn Kennedy: Pirouettes in the Outfield
  • Nikita Belathur: The Monster of the Himalayas
  • Adreesh Roy: Two Moons over Earth
  • Aimee Hyndman (9): The Written Promise
  • Hillary Prince (11): The Life of Faith Hamilton
  • Revant Ranjan (5): Monsterland
  • Shruti Vellaturi (4): Save Our Dear Earth
  • Madeline Reeves (7): Blinking in the Brooklyn Night
  • Ashleigh Heaton (11): When She Came Home
  • Elizabeth Fullwood: My Body
  • Catherine Stuart: Snow
  • Erin Jordan: Your Salty Sea
  • Katy Li (8): Hatchling
  • Ana Nino (11): Gray

Interested in reading the top entry in each category? We have the 1st place entries available in their entirety in our “members only” section. (Please contact Tracy Crawford if you forgot your membership password).

Thanks also again to our judges:
Kim Smith: author of Sydney Wakefield, Into the Faraway
Matt Bowden: Coppell High School Teacher
Gina Peddy: Coppell High School Dean of Instruction
Nicole Scott: Pinkerton Teacher
Jill Haltom: CISD Language Arts Coordinator
Jennifer Judd: author
Jennifer Smith: author
Debra Marshall: Wilson Librarian
Carol Smith: Wilson Teacher
Angela Gortz: LISD Teacher

For more information on this annual event, please click here.

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