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MOSAIC 2010 recap and photos

August 8, 2010

Did your child spend his summer building rockets, creating an interactive video game, engineering a electric car, or debating with his peers about a cause he believes in? If so, then perhaps he just completed the second summer session of MOSAIC, Marvelous Opportunities Scheduled as Individual Courses, sponsored by the Coppell Gifted Association.

Fourth grade through eighth grade students, many who are participants in the Coppell Gifted program, completed MOSAIC courses at Coppell Middle School East on August 6th. Students had a variety of courses to choose from including: Puppetry, Creative Writing, Rocketing, Baseball, Chess, Kitchen CSI, and Web Design just to name a few. Instructors were sometimes well-known like Chess Instructor, Dr. Alexey Root, who is a chess player, UT Dallas Instructor and author, who holds the current title of Woman International Master. Other instructors were CISD and Flower Mound teachers, and a few were college students who are currently Engineering majors and former Coppell HS Engineering students.

Karen Cook, the 2010 MOSAIC Program Director shared her thoughts. “It was wonderful to watch kids explore subjects that are not usually offered during the school year. There was freedom to try something new or try a different way of doing something. I also think the courses have initiated new interests in some of the kids. I expect a number of MOSAIC students to pursue Debate in high school due to their introduction to Debate at MOSAIC.”

She continued saying, “Of course, there are also the kids that already love a subject and the fun was sharing their subject knowledge with other kids. For example, in the Baseball Statistics class I think all 20 kids in Coppell who like Baseball Statistic found each other and had a blast setting up their fantasy teams.”

One course, Costume Design, concluded with a student fashion show. Another course, Rocketry, ended in a fiery spectacle as students watched their homemade rockets explode in flight. Yet another culminated in a robotic drag race of carefully constructed LEGO cars.

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