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Fall 2010 Kick-off Speaker Series Event: Todd Kettler

August 31, 2010

Fall 2010 Kick-off Speaker Series Event

Todd Kettler, CISD Dir. of Adv. Academics
“Characteristics of Gifted Learners and How to Educate Them”

Location: CHS Lecture Hall

(located near the school cafeteria, we will have signs posted. Park on the west side near the practice field, or on the east side near the horseshoe)

Date: Thursday, September 30th , 7 pm

Cost: $5 for non-members, FREE for CGA members

Sometimes there is more myth than reality surrounding gifted learners. They might be quirky and humorous. They might be outgoing and quizzical. They may read fast and memorize details like an electronic scanner. Truthfully, there are very few characteristics that are true about all gifted students, but we will talk about those characteristics and how they translate into educational needs. How might gifted learners develop similarly yet differently compared to their peers?

For a podcast of this event, please go to our members only:podcast section.

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