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October 9, 2010

Do you know what it stands for?

Texas Association of Great Teachers?

Well, not exactly…although, in a month they are hosting their annual professional conference and the conference will be packed  full of great teachers – 34 from Coppell.  However, TAGT is not just for educators.

Texas Association of Great Talent?

Nope…  But at their annual professional conference, many talented students will perform for attendees as they travel between the exhibit hall and conference sessions.   The needs of talented students will be the topic of much instruction provided at the event.

Terrific Advice for Glorious Tutors?

Now that’s a stretch…  We all know that gifted students don’t need tutors, right?  Not necessarily!  All gifted kids are not gifted in every academic subject.  In fact, often these children have gifts in non-academic areas.  Attendees of the upcoming conference in Fort Worth (yes, that’s a lot closer than Austin) will hear all about gifted students – their characteristics, quirks, just where they are on the bell curve, and how different they are from one another, etc.

The Awe-inspiring Gifted and Talented?

Hmmm…  As a parent, you may have noticed there is nothing inspiring about having to remind a bright child to pick up the trail of “everything” she has left as she moves throughout your home.   What’s up with that anyway?   Aren’t gifted kids little adults – perfect in every way?   Your little mini-me?   Ha!   More likely, you are wondering where the child came from, planet-wise.   The professional conference has a strand of parent sessions to answer many questions about gifted children and teens.   Parents connect with other parents as they move about the conference.   Renown experts will be available to make moms and dads laugh (and cry) as they enlighten parents about all things gifted.   The exhibit hall will be full of books, games, and other resources for parents.   (Note – parents are not restricted to parent sessions.)  Attend ANY session.

Texas Association of Gifted and Talented

Sorry, I am getting tired of this.  We have one of the strongest state gifted associations in the country!  If you have a gifted child, you would greatly benefit from attending the annual conference in Fort Worth on Nov 11-12, 2010.   As parents, we don’t get many opportunities to attend parent education classes, especially on the topic of gifted children.   Another benefit to attending the TAGT professional conference is that you will hear the same keynote speakers who will be motivating teachers.   Parents often assume educators know everything about teaching gifted students and are continuing to advance their own education on this topic.   Not so; get involved!   Hopefully, your gifted child’s teacher is attending (4-5 from Wilson Elementary) or has attended TAGT.  If not, GO!   See and hear the latest research on gifted education.  Bring back information to share with your child’s teachers.  CGA has a group rate for its members through Oct 13 – $20 off the TAGT early bird membership rate:  details

Hope to see you there!   TAGT annual conferences are in this area only once every four years.   Take advantage of the proximity!

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