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TAGT/NAGC Scholarship Recipients Announced

October 19, 2010

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented and The National Association for Gifted Children both put on annual conferences focused on educating teachers and parents about the latest in gifted education.  CGA has the honor of sending 35 CISD educators this year to the conferences, and TAGT will be right here in Fort Worth.  This year’s scholarship recipients are:

  • Jean Guidry of Austin
  • Kari Lockwood of Austin
  • Holly Snyder of Austin
  • Cathy Kirby of Austin
  • Stephanie Hammons of Cottonwood Creek
  • Stacey Martin Cates of Denton Creek
  • Barbara Larsen of Denton Creek
  • Maureen Salmon of Lakeside
  • Lisa Timmerman of Lakeside
  • Jerene Ray of Lakeside
  • Gayla Cockrell of Lakeside
  • Debbie Youngs of Mockingbird
  • Kathryn McMacken of Mockingbird
  • Rhonda Pickrell of Pinkerton
  • Tracey Kling of Pinkerton
  • Meredith Johnston of Pinkerton
  • Brooke Barad of Town Center
  • Jodi Carter of Valley Ranch
  • Linda Mulkey of Valley Ranch
  • Neera Jackson of Valley Ranch
  • Heather Ballard of Wilson
  • Jan Ridley of Wilson
  • Ali Sanabria of Wilson
  • Carol Smith of Wilson
  • Ann Weller-Carlsson of Wilson
  • Tyler Horner of CMSE
  • Tonya Sides of CMSW
  • Cathy Douglas of CMSW
  • Brenda Caproni of CMSW
  • Shari Guess of CMSW
  • Carrie Spannagel of New Tech
  • Matt Bowden of CHS
  • Todd Kettler of CISD Administration
  • Melody Paschall of CISD Administration
  • Anthony Hill of the School Board

“I feel extremely blessed to have been awarded a CGA Grant to attend the 2010 NAGC Convention”, says Kari Lockwood, 2nd grade teacher at Austin Elementary. ” This convention provides the unique opportunity to learn from, and alongside, some of the greatest minds in gifted education.  I know that the convention experiences will provide me with an abundance of new ideas and help me to become a better teacher for all of my students!”

It’s teachers like this that make awarding these scholarships such a great experience.  Please help us in congratulating them on receiving the scholarship and encouraging them as they take time away to help all of our children learn.

The recipients will be sharing their experiences at the conferences through CGA’s blog.  So, watch for those highlights during November and December.

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