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Kathryn McMacken’s TAGT Reflection

November 22, 2010

The TAGT 2010 conference offered some interesting learning opportunities, but the Pre-Conference session, Rigor without Rigor Mortis, presented by Dr. Robyn Jackson, was by far the best session I attended, hands-down!

Dr. Jackson clarified rigor and outlined 4 sequential steps for developing rigorous learning experiences.   She interspersed her discussion with active strategies for audience participation keeping the interaction dynamic throughout her presentation.  One strategy, paired verbal fluency, is a strategy I was able to use with my students the following Monday in class and will share at our next faculty meeting.

 Other sessions that I found very beneficial included Strategies that Grow Great Minds through Rigor and Engagement presented by Dr. Bertie Kingore, Helpful Tips for “Building A Business” which focused on the 3rd grade TPSP, and Giving Students a Techie Voice: Applying Student Choice and Technology Integration to Differentiated.

Each of these sessions introduced information that was new to me and which I am able to apply to my teaching immediately.  Thank you, CGA, for giving me the opportunity to attend the TAGT conference this year.

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