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Carie Spannagel TAGT Reflection

December 1, 2010

I had the privilege of attending the TAGT Conference to represent New Tech. I enjoyed the presentations that I attended and was able to bring back a few new tools.

As a techie, I always enjoy attending the technology rich sessions. The session “Giving Students a Techie Voice: Applying Student Choice and Technology Integration to Differentiated” was a technology rich hour. They showed many different tools that allow differentiation in the classroom through the use of technology. I enjoyed the different free resources they showed that are available online. I was able to take many of those resources and post to our staff’s blog.

The first session I attended in the conference was Bloom’s taxonomy. As a techie, I was a little distracted by the presenter when she hauled out her transparency machine. But as she begin her session, I was relieved to see that she was informational and spunky. She was able to take the levels and concepts of Blooms and put them in a logical and easy to understand session. It was a great refresher on using higher level thinking skills in the classroom.

Thank you Coppell Gifted Association for the wonderful opportunity to explore new resources for my classroom!

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