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Podcast of Dr. Jim Delisle

December 1, 2010

Did you miss Living with Giftedness and Liking It: Dr. Jim Delisle on November 11, 2010?
Members can access the podcast of the event (click the members only, podcast tab at the top of the screen). Handouts of the event are also available.

“Giftedness is a greater awareness, a greater sensitivity, and a greater ability to understand and transform perceptions into intellectual and emotional experiences.” — Annemarie Roeper.

Find out more about the grandmother that inspired Dr. Delise to help gifted kids and specific lessons you can use to better communicate with your child and teach your child to love being gifted.
Here are Dr. Delisle’s top 10 tips for raising happy successful children:
1) Understand what giftedness is… and what it is not.
2) Know the distinction between “better at” and “better than”
3) Stop paying interest on a bill you never owed
4) Take charge of your child’s education
5) Appreciate that less than perfect is more than acceptible
6) Live the nuanced life
7) Use the past to understand the present
8) Write your dreams in pencil
9) Make a life, not just a living
10) Understand that life is not a race to see who gets to the end the fastest

Check out the podcast to hear the rest of his advice at our members only section.

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