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Carol Smith TAGT Experience

February 28, 2011

After attending the TAGT in Novemeber, I had so much exciting information and activities to share and try with my GT students.  In third grade we are working on inventions and innovations and I attended a session on this Texas Performance Standard Project.  Many ideas were shared by the presenters and we are learning about toy inventions, patents, and how to establish a company.  Also, enjoyed the math session on the preconference day for a deeper level of content and complexity on real life math problems that we are working on in classes in grades 3-5.   Bertie Kingore is the presenter of presenters and shared many, many ideas for differentiation in the classroom.  She is awesome and I always go to a session by her.  I learn something new each time and she affirms my teaching of gifted and my educational philosophy.  Thank you to CGA for the opportunity you provide for me to attend the convention each year.    Sincerely,  Carol

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