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Stacey Cates TAGT Experience

February 28, 2011

Attending the TAGT conference in Fort Worth was for the most part a very positive experience.   The Pre Conference session I attended was Rigor without Rigor Mortis by Robyn Jackson.  She was fairly knowledgeable about creating a variety of  rigorous lessons for most students.   On the other conference days, I attended a wide variety of sessions, however was not able to attend several of my chosen ones due to overcrowding.  The Texas Performance Standards projects classes were very helpful to me as we are using this Texas mandated program to help enhance our g.t. students learning.  This class was helpful in getting ideas and resources that help with implementing these projects in our classes.    I am so grateful that I was able to go to the conference.  I came back with many ideas to not only use in my own classroom, but also to share with other teachers on my campus. 

With much appreciation, 

Stacey Cates, Denton Creek Elementary G.T. educator

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