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Tonya Sides TAGT Experience

March 1, 2011

I really enjoyed the TAGT conference in November.  I was able to get a lot of good quality information to bring back and use in my classroom.  My best day was Wednesday (full day session focusing strictly on math).  I was able to gain so much knowledge an insight on how students think about math, and how their brains process / understand information.  This session made me think about math in new and different ways.  The presenter also introduced new and interesting games / brain teasers to use with my students.  We examined certain questions that students have difficulty solving, even at the high school level.  This was interesting to me, b/c  the concepts are things that are introduced in middle school.

I was disappointed when 2-3 of the sessions I planned to attend were canceled.  Unfortunately, the back-up sessions I had to choose did not meet my expectations.  I had hoped that the convention center would have WIFI, so I could get online and access information about the conference and see other teachers’ postings about great things they were experiencing, but was again let down when I asked a volunteer and they told me there was no internet access in the building, but I could possibly get access in a near by hotel.

Overall, the experience was good and I would go again if I get the opportunity.  Thanks CGA for sponsoring me.


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