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SENG Summer Conference: July 15-17, 2011

April 4, 2011

Most conferences about giftedness focus primarily on educational issues. While a few presentations about the social and emotional development and needs of gifted people and the challenges facing the gifted population may be included, these presentations play a minor role.

SENG conferences reverse the priorities. We believe that recognizing, understanding, and accepting the unique social and emotional needs of this population are the first priorities for teachers, parents, and counselors. SENG supports strong gifted education programs, but we believe the emotional piece is the foundation for the development of healthy, happy, well-adjusted, appropriately educated, and contributing gifted members of society.

Join us July 15-17 for a truly unique, life-changing weekend for parents and grandparents, educators, gifted children and teens, gifted adults, and mental health professionals.

Click here for more information or visit them at their website:

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