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TAGT Restructures Boards and Committees

April 21, 2011

Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented (TAGT) is making significant structural improvements to its organization.

Many of our CGA members are also members of TAGT.  This is important and exciting news for Coppell since we have the most parent members in TAGT of any parent organization in the state.

Recently, the TAGT Executive Board approved a restructure of the organizations’ Board and committee structure. Beginning in 2011, the new committee structure will be implemented and the transition to a new Board structure will begin.

The restructure will intentionally emphasize diversity among stakeholders (a significant strength of TAGT), rather than traditional geographical representation. The result will also create a more robust committee structure, providing tangible opportunities for members to make meaningful contributions to the association.

If you didn’t know, TAGT has a vibrant new executive director, JJ Coburn.  He is young, experienced in education, and has a tremendous amount of energy.  I feel certain that gifted education in Texas will see substantial improvements under his leadership despite the political turmoil facing state education funding.

When you renew your CGA membership this year, make sure to add that little extra to join TAGT.  If you don’t have time to do more, your involvement can stop there knowing that you are supporting one of the most widely regarded premier associations of its type. TAGT is working for you and your children!

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