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Tyler Horner reflects on TAGT

April 21, 2011

I was so blessed to be able to attend the 2010 TAGT Professional Development conference through a CGA scholarship.  I am a first year GT teacher teaching 7th grade Texas history at CMSE and I’m trying so hard to gather all the resources and training I possibly can for the classroom.

My favorite training I went to during the conference was called “Rules, Schmules” by a lady from the Dallas chapter of Mensa (I can’t find her name currently.  The topic she talked about was how simple modifications to classroom management can allow the classroom to be more creative because students don’t have to concentrate on pointless tasks.  Things like creating a culture in the classroom, ways to signal ordinary tasks without using words (to not distract), and chaning the way we hand in assignments.  A bunch of little things that can add up to a more creative learning environment.

One thing I’ve seen a drastic improvement on in my classroom is what the students have a sense of routine they are more likely to behave in appropriate manners, treat each other with more respect, and be more creative on the whole.  They know the procedures for entering the classroom, they know what needs to happen when they enter, and they are able to concentrate on the task at hand when it is consistant.

Thanks for giving me a chance to improve my classroom in such tangible ways, I really appreciate all ya’ll do for Coppell’s kiddos!

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  1. April 22, 2011 6:51 pm

    I applaud the efforts Mr. Horner has taken to motivate and challenge our GT kids in Texas History. We want our kids to be lifetime learners and Mr. Horner’s attitude towards “gathering all the resources and training” he can is a great example. I also appreciate that the GT training is being utilized in class with creative group projects and engaging lecture/discussions. Hooray for minimizing the blind memorizing of history facts and for maximizing the implications those facts have on modern day issues.

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