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SENG Webinar not to be missed: Change your story, Change your life

May 4, 2011

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Presented by Stephanie Tolan

Listen to the speaker that Dr. Turner described as “excellent in providing strategies for our students (actually for all of us) when negative stories dominate our thoughts.”  CGA Parents Tracy Fisher and Amanda O’Neal describe her as inspirational and dynamic.  New Tech teacher Kim Wooten found herself integrating Tolan’s lesson immediately in her own life.

Don’t miss this Webinar.

For generations parents have been doing their best to change the world (particularly the educational world) to suit the special needs of their gifted and highly gifted children. Though some changes have come through these efforts, they haven’t lasted, and parents today face the same old inequities and frustrations. This presentation takes a very different approach, providing families with Story Principle–a way to empower themselves and their children, regardless of the educational climate they face. When children and parents see themselves as the heroes of their own story they can begin immediately to change that story for the better.

Stephanie Tolan, author of more than two dozen novels for children and young adults, including the Newbery Honor book, Surviving the Applewhites, became involved with SENG as co-author of Guiding the Gifted Child. Her interest in the gifted has always been focused on the “whole person,” with a focus on finding ways to help gifted children and adults live a fulfilled life. A Senior Fellow at the Institute for Educational Advancement, she helped to design Camp Yunasa, to give highly gifted kids methods for creating balance in their lives. Her article, “Is It a Cheetah?” is used throughout the world to show people the importance of challenging unusual young minds, learners, and the affective aspects of educational programming.

Offered through SENG.

Date: May 26, 2011

7:30 PM Eastern
6:30 PM Central
5:30 PM Mountain
4:30 PM Pacific
Location: Participate at home or office using your computer.

Cost $40.

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