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Proposed by-law changes

May 10, 2011

The CGA Executive Board is considering the following by-law changes.  Please come to the event on Wednesday, May 11 to give input.

6:30pm at the YMCA Teen Room

Elections, By-law amendment, and Family Game Night!!

Language under consideration:

Section 8.3 – Voting. The slate of officers shall be presented, at which time additional nominees may be nominated from the floor providing consent of the nominee is obtained at that time. The candidates receiving a simple majority (50% plus 1 vote) of the votes cast shall be declared elected.  The president shall vote only in the event of a tie.


All voting shall be by show of hands or ballot.  Voting by ballot may be accomplished electronically as guided by policies established by the Executive Board and published at least seven (7) days in advance.

(Subsequent articles will also be renumbered to allow for the addition of the Voting Article.)

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